Friday 18th August 2017,
Dr Sport

Our Team

The Team

Tom : The academic of the group, Tom holds a physics Ph.D (in the field of optics) and advises with statistical prediction models. Singapore based.

Mick : US based sports analyst/handicapper with decades of experience.

Sam : Based in Melbourne, Australia, combines all findings with his own analysis to arrive at final investment decisions.

  • Complementing styles
  • Thorough approach
  • Years of success
  • Patient and experienced approach

Thanks for reading, and all the best in your own sports investing endeavours.


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Investing in sports betting markets daily when our systems say so:  2008: +176.5%, |  2009: +8.6%, |  2010: +46.85%,  | 2011: +78.10%  |  2012 : -0.8%  | 2013 in progress

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