Monday 24th July 2017,
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The 2012 Year of Sports Investment, (yes, still in progress)

The 2012 Year of Sports Investment, (yes, still in progress)

Back… After a long break from blogging. Plenty of sports investment has continued to take place in our absence from the blog, don’t worry about that. At time of writing the fund is sitting at -11.5 units or -1.15% for 2012 investment year, with the year ending with the Superbowl.

Weekly updates need to come to catch up on what has occurred – and we will post those over the coming weeks. Apologies for those following – we have been caught up in some trading activity on the Australian bourse that has been very exciting and we may talk further about in coming posts. At the moment we have a reasonable position in RDM “red metal” and have been occupied managing that, among others.

Just wanted to stop by, let you know the team is still hanging in there. The year has been far from ideal, but as always, we “trust the soup” , commit to our analysis and keep taking our positions.

Hope members had a pleasant Christmas and New Year, good things ahead in 2013.

PG Team.

We are still alive and betting

Despite an absence from the blog, we are still up and about with an albeit average 2012 return.

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