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Billy Walters – Sports Investment & Professional Gambling Royalty.

“I’ve had losing days, I’ve had losing months… but never a losing year”.

Looking like the gentleman who might serve you a beer at a local pub – but proving once and for all that looks can be deceiving – Billy Walters is true gambling royalty, and a genuine master of the craft.

Modest and relaxed in his demeanour, yet aggressive and ruthless in his approach to wagering, Billy Walters has attacked games of chance, and in particular of recent times sports betting markets, for nearly his entire life – beginning with his childhood days spent hustling pool for dollars, to his modern day operation that conservatively turns over hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Where other’s see games of chance, he’s able to find an edge to exploit. Where gamblers bet a sports team with a hunch, Walter’s uses his proprietary methods to assess his true advantage.

It’s obvious that he possesses such a brilliant risk-assessment ability and a genuine intelligence in his gambling, that it is more accurate to describe what he does as aggressive investing. Walter’s wins big, and has done so for years, affording him the wealth and prestige as impressive as any business titan. In the book “Smart Money” by Michael Konik a figure known as “Big Daddy” – which is believed to be Walters – is described as having to locate individuals to place wagers for him, as front-men that are able to bet high limits. Walters operation is described as a “brains trust”, with Walters at the top moving betting lines based on the information fed to him by his team of experts.

The book is brilliant, and accurately describes the battle that one of the best gamblers in the world wages to get big money bets set. It also describes how Walter’s himself goes through shocking losing streaks at times – the most challenging aspect of the craft that sports investors of all varieties must deal with.

An interesting story from 60 minutes is must watch for any serious gambler.

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Long Live Billy!

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