Monday 24th July 2017,
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DO IT! Keeping Good Sports Betting Records.

DO IT! Keeping Good Sports Betting Records.

The importance of keeping accurate and detailed records is crucial for the serious sports investment follower. The task takes more effort than you would assume, and is a task that is easy to forgo for periods of time… Only then find yourself stuck with a task that is not only daunting, but more difficult than it should have been.

– Look to regularly update your spreadsheets – at the least weekly, but preferably daily.

– List the obvious information – price taken, amount wagered, and result. Also consider including the bookmaker used, price movements on the market, a comment on the reason for the bet and other information crucial to the betting position (such as key injuries pre-game that affected price etc).

– Track your profit and loss concurrently – in a chart format.

Be vigilant…please! It’s the key to profits.


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