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Annual Returns : Sports Investment Markets

Annual Returns : Sports Investment Markets

“When you look at how much money I have consistently made from the horses… horses would seem a far safer investment than stocks” – Alan Woods, Professional Gambler.

Over the years, we have invested in – and profited from – the following sports markets – MLB, NFL, NCAAF, AFL, NHL & PGA. We wager daily into widely available sports market prices.

But the story of systematic returns from sports markets cannot continue without addressing the wildly incorrect assumption many seem to have – that these markets cannot be beaten.

It’s a non-factual argument. Organised, hard-working individuals can certainly beat these markets handsomely.

Alan Woods, the professional punter based in Hong Kong passed away with a vast fortune approaching estimated at $600 million, mostly derived from betting into Hong Kong totalisator pools. When Woods initially passed the hat around to launch his operation, he couldn’t raise enough to get started.

Billy Walters has also built a fearsome reputation waging war on Las Vegas sportsbooks. Walters is also able to claim spectacular profits over a very long period of time, winning so regularly that he and his staff are unable to place bets easily.

Thousands of punters make a living with daily trading and investing on Betfair – betting exchange.

Sports markets are very beatable. Believe us.

Annual returns are difficult to project for sports betting – there are limited market factors you can isolate and obtain a future estimate of a constantly changing environment.

We have set an approximate goal of +40%p.a. on an initial investment made at the beginning of each year. Below are our returns since we started bringing clients on board.

2008: +176.5%,

2009: +8.6%,

2010: +46.85%,

2011: +78.10%

2012: Progressing reasonably well – and can be followed live on twitter with the days selection, or via weekly results on the blog.

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Happy wagering.

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