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Sports Investing Results Week 8/52, 2012.

Week 8 – 2012 : 26 March – 1 April.*

As we tweeted late last week about the sports investment game:

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Drawdown is a necessary part of stacking profits.

It’s a point we will raise often.

Returns from any form of active investment will be “chunky” and will come in cycles. You shouldn’t shy away from the swings in your short term returns, it’s a hallmark of all profitable strategies.

Practicing discipline and adherence to a your investing plan is always the #1 priority. Don’t change your approach in response to some short-term drawdown.

Returning to the week just passed, very good NHL returns were the star of the week, and our first AFL position of 2012 saluted comfortably.

The week was as follows.

NHL : Tampa Bay Lightning 15 to win 32, W +32

NHL : Boston Bruins (-1.5 puckline) 28.5 to win 30, W +30

NHL : Boston Bruins “Over 5.5” 16.5 to win 15, W +15

Passed on Wednesday 28th

NHL : Chicago Blackhawks “Over 5” 31.5 to win 30, W +30

AFL : Adelaide Crows -24.5 pts 16 to win 15, W +15

NHL : Philadelphia Flyers “Over 5.5” 16 to win 15, W +15

Week 8 : 6-0, +137 units.

2012 now 25-25-3, +72 units.

*date of event on US Calendar.

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