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Sports Investing Results Week 7/52, 2012.

Week 7 – 2012 : 19-25 March.*

A slightly disappointing week for us this week, dropping 4 games and -101 units. As discussed with members during the week, taking the good with the bad is all part of the fun. It’s crucial to be able to tolerate these small drawdowns to realise the end of year profits.

At this stage of the NHL season, teams are normally getting serious about it – this year it hasn’t necessarily been the case – reinforcing that there’s always the danger a team can lie down on your total at any time of the year.  Not to worry, the show goes on and we start a new week in what is a long year.

NHL : Vancouver Canucks “Over 5” 38 to win 30, L -38 // NHL : Vancouver Canucks “Over 5.5” 23 to win 30, L -23 (same position at 5.0 and 5.5 goals)

Passed on Tuesday 20th

NHL : Chicago Blackhawks “Over 5.5” 15 to win 16, L -16

Passed on Thursday 22nd

NHL : Florida Panthers “Over 5.5” 24 to win 30, L -24

Passed on Saturday 24th

Passed on Sunday 25th

Week 6 : 0-3, -101 units.

2012 now 19-25-3, -65 units.

*date of event of US calendar.

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