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Sports Investing Results Week 6/52, 2012.

Week 6 – 2012 : 12-18 March*.

1 – 3, -25 units.

A quiet week for us. One more wager falls our way and we’d have finished positive, or close to it.

We are heavy into the AFL and more particularly MLB preseason research and discussions. Always a terribly busy time.

As we bide our time for MLB to begin, we shall keep the action light. NHL positions will be selective, and in the coming weeks we might see some nice totals to attack.

We may pass on more days than usual, and we don’t apologise for this. We won’t be throwing any of our hard earned units away.

There is an AFL match up this Saturday 24th March with GWS vs Sydney Swans, with the rest of the league debuting the following weekend.

AFL is back… but MLB will bring us the $.

Our positions for the week were as follows:

Passed on Monday 12th

Passed on Tuesday 13th

NHL : Ottawa Senators 19.5 to win 15, L -19.5

NHL : Edmonton Oilers (-1.5 puckline) 31 to win 60, W +60

NHL : Boston Bruins 37.5 to win 30, L -37.5

NHL : Edmonton Oilers “Over 5.5” 28 to win 30, L -28

Passed on Saturday 17th

Passed on Sunday 18th

Week 5 : 1-3, -25 units.

2012 now 19-22-3, +36 units.

*date of event of US calendar.

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