Monday 24th July 2017,
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2011 Numbers are in.

2011 … “In the books”.

We finished off 2011 with a wet sail, and our final numbers are in.

From an initial investment of 1000 units, or a $10,000 initial stake, we closed out the year as follows:

  • 1781 units; or +781 units of profit.
  • $17,871; or +$7,871 dollars of profit.


  • +78.1% Return on Investment.

Win/loss numbers are being audited as we speak, however we are expecting a win percentage of 54.5%*

This number will be updated one the years 400+ wagers are cross-checked this week. (Edit: Verified in house)

*this number is not terribly relevant: our selection method contains a majority even money point spreads, but also a not-insignificant number of pucklines (NHL), runlines (MLB) and other bet types that we believe offer value – but at a lower percentage strike rate.

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