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Superbowl & 2011 Sports Investment Year in Review.

You cannot create experience, you must undergo it” – Albert Camus.

Another year of sports investment at professional gambler goes in the books… Our 4th… And with it, a milestone, or more a rite of passage.

Our first blog post.

Better late than never I suppose.

Anyway, on with the the 2011 wrap up.

“The Big One” of the American variety is upon us tomorrow with the New York Giants playing off against the New England Patriots in Superbowl XLVI, and here at – the game brings with it the end of the 2011 sports investing year.

Not far removed from a New Years Eve celebration in many respects, yet much lighter on the revelry, we have our own little “round table”, with our team looking to get together over a breakfast to toast the close of the year. Naturally we open discussions on some “new-year” strategy, and try to avoid overeating ;), but things are still relaxing. This coming year is no different, with many points requiring attention that will no doubt lead to some lengthy discussions. Having been separated through members located in any one of Singapore, Japan, Hong-Kong and Australia during the year, it’s a rare get together that we enjoy.

2011 Investment Notes.

The year brought us fantastic success once again in “absolute return” terms.

End-of year accounting will settle post-superbowl, but we are guaranteed in a “worst case scenario” environment of at least +69%, or +690 units appreciation on our initial investment of 1000 units; should tomorrow’s position fail to add anything further to the tally.

It’s been a bloody challenging year once again. It always is, only a fool would say otherwise.

Given the year has a habit of blurring into a haze of spreadsheets, stats, data, discussions via emails/phone-calls/texts, ever increasing outsourcing, sleep deprivation and game after game of televised sport, there is one thing I do recall… Loving the challenge of the whole thing.

Despite turning a positive season, AFL football in particular just didn’t take off fully and provide the usual “soft returns” we have come to expect. The introduction of the bye encouraged us to take a more measured approach, and it was only in the latter stages of the season where we could put some units away with a few well spotted trends off the back of some important game notes. Mathematically, 2011 AFL was not performing strong enough, and the spreadsheets were all but put away. Whether they will need to be dusted off in 2012 we shall see. Preseason less than a month away.

This is in contrast with 2011 MLB which was more or less a cash-cow to put it bluntly. The Dr. lives and breathes bases, and turned the season on it’s ear yet again. When in consultation with Tom, the returns for the group were hefty in MLB alone. Totals in particular were solid, and the larger positions we took on occasional games came through more often than not.

NFL was basically serviceable, but we did enjoy some entertaining games over the season which makes being consumed by the sport so enjoyable. We received a boost from some PGA selections later in the year that as a group we felt we had to add to the mix, and were rewarded for doing so.

The feather in the cap this year was NHL, which can treat a sports investor like a spurned lover on occasion. This season is still well and truly heating up on the ice (pardon the pun) and it’s still too early to make a full evaluation – yet we have been well rewarded for our hard work so far.

Looking to 2012, psychology is still an issue for so many investors. At the risk of flogging a dead horse, expect even more on the topic this coming year.

Enjoy the game tomorrow, and thanks again to our members for their continued support.

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